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"My career started in 1980 simply as an exploration into a field relatively new and exciting in the US.  I was new and I was eager.  Many years into this practice have brought me into a much deeper understanding and appreciation for this thing we call our skin.

My belief is that beauty is truly skin deep.

It is not enough to look at skin on its surface without looking deeper.  Underneath this magnificent large layer is a multitude of factors - our overall health, genetics, hormonal influences, environmental impacts, and even stress...
All of these and more will impact on how we look and feel.


I believe that it is not enough to have passion for a career.  It is also just as important to have compassion and true respect for those that trust us with their skin.

This is Face First Skin where it is all about you and your unique skin."


"I have been going to Irma for 27 years. During this time, I have learned the difference between a facialist and an esthetician.  Irma is a true esthetician with a degree to prove it. She continues her education to be sure she is up to date not only on all the latest technology but what is safe for her clients.  She takes the time to listen to your needs and then evaluates a plan for your specific needs. She is a perfectionist at what she does.  She is very engaging and can talk to you about anything, which makes the time while you are there pass before you know it.  People think that I have had a face-lift and work done on my eyes, which is just because of the treatments that Irma has done for me.  I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is looking for help with their skin."
"So I first started coming to Irma when I was 8 years old and ever since then I’ve been going back.  She is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met when it comes to skin care, and because of this she only carries the best products for her clients.  She always is so sweet and really cares about me and how my face looks.  I lave every single appointment happy after spending time with Irma, and there;s never been a moment where I was disappointed after a session.  She’s become a part of our family, and she’s a pretty great addition!"
"I have been under Irma Salina’s care at Face First Skin for 15 years. I am so glad to have found her at that time in my life-I was in my mid-50’s then-because I was beginning to see my skin aging and wanted to do what I could to slow down that process!  Knowing that wrinkles and sags would come eventually and having made the decision that I would not seek cosmetic surgery, I put my skin in Irma’s hands (literally).  Through the years, Irma has been on the cutting edge of new skin care products and today, at 70 years, I feel like I have received the very best care available.  I am proud to say that often, friends and strangers alike have commented on my “beautiful” skin.  Thank-you, Irma!"
"I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to express how pleased I have been with my skin care service.  since I have become a client of Irma’s at Face First.  Her knowledge of skin care goes way beyond the usual facial.  she knows exactly what your skin needs and adjusts your facial to your skin’s needs.  You leave with clean glowing skin ready for the rest of the day"
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